Where is Brian Gies Giese (Geese) Geise?

Looking for Brian Gies or Brian Giese or Brian Geese or Brian Geise

Greetings. My name is Tom Hines. I am searching for a childhood friend named Brian Gies or Brian Giese or Brian Geese or Brian Geise. I knew him when I was 8, 9 and 10 years old living in Fairbanks, Alaska (Ft. Wainwright) in 1971, 1972 and 1973.

We attended Aurora Elementary and Chena Elementary schools.

Here is a picture of us at my 8th birthday party.
I am in the lower-right corner in the “House” shirt and Brian is above me with the cast on his arm:
Calvin Harris(top-left), Brian Giese/Geese(top-right), Tom Hines (bot-right), Bruce Morton(bot-left)

Here is another picture where I have Brian in a headlock at my 9th birthday party:
Tony Tish, Tom Hines, Brian Giese/Geese, Trina Hines at the piano
The other person I’m grasping is Tony Tish.

If you have any information about Brian or
anyone else in these pictures, please contact me via e-mail

Other places I have lived (in case you’re interested):

  1. 1963-1967 Atlanta, Georgia (Cooper St. School)
  2. 1967-1968 Ft. Knox, Kentucky
  3. 1968-1969 Atlanta, Georgia (Dad was in Viet Nam)
  4. 1969-1971 Ft. Campbell, Kentucky
  5. 1971-1973 Ft. Wainwright, Alaska (Aurora Elem., Chena Elem.)
  6. 1973-1974 Ft. Rucker, Alabama
  7. 1974-1975 Fitzsimmons Army Medical Center, Aurora, Colorado (Montview Elementary)
  8. 1975-1978 Ft. Campbell, Kentucky / Clarksville, Tennessee (New Providence Jr. High)
  9. 1978-1979 Ft. Wadsworth, New York (Curtis High School)
  10. 1979-1981 Ft. Campbell, Kentucky (Northwest High School / Clarksville, Tennessee)
  11. 1981-1986 Middle Tennessee State University / Murfreesboro, Tennessee
    • 1982 Summer Frankfurt W. Germany (Bad Vilbel)
    • 1983 Summer Frankfurt W. Germany (Bad Vilbel)(Morale Support Activites Depot)
    • 1984 Summer Ft. Riley, Kansas (ROTC Advanced Camp)
    • 1984 Summer Ft. Knox, Kentucky (CTLT-Cadet Troop Leadership Training)
  12. 1986-1988 Murfreesboro, Tennessee (Hardee’s)
  13. 1988-1988 Ft. Knox, Kentucky (Armor Officers Basic Course) Class 13-88
  14. 1988-1991 Clarksville, Tennessee (Bankers Life & Casualty Company)(Sprint)
  15. 1991-1999 Kansas City, Missouri (Sprint)
  16. 2000-Current Belton, Missouri (Sprint)

Here is a tag I found online as well as Brian’s obituary.


5 Comments on “Where is Brian Gies Giese (Geese) Geise?”

  1. Tony Tish Says:

    Look at that handsome young man in the purple shirt! A purple shirt in the 1970’s? Groovy man, groovy!

  2. Alicia Gies Says:

    Hi Tony,
    I was married to Brian I am pretty sure that it is him in youre picture. I am so sorry to tell you that he passed away July 4 2004. If you get this message please email me I would love to talk to you. Alicia

    • Tony Tish Says:

      Hello Alicia,

      I don’t remember much about Brian. We were very young. Tom was the one who found me while looking for Brian.

      Drop me a line!


    • Guy Grigsby Says:

      Hello Alicia,
      I don’t know if you remember me. Brian was a good friend and I had often thought about him as I have today when Ifound this website. I am so very sorry for your loss. He left me with grand memories of my youth. God Bless.

  3. Nora Taylor Says:

    Hi Tom,
    I was looking for pictures of Fort Campbell that were taken around 1975, and happened upon your page. I was born there in 1975, and my dad was a drill sergeant there. His name is Howard Taylor, and he was 34 at the time. He and your dad may be around the same age (Dad is 70), and I was just wondering if your dad might have known him.
    Best wishes,

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