The List of Places (at which) Tom Will Not Eat!!!

…ever heard of SITOPHOBIA?

All entries are PERMANENT unless otherwise stated.

  1. Any BAR.
  2. Any Pot Luck
  3. Any place with pool tables.
  4. Andy’s Wok (Overland Park, Kansas)
  5. BD’s Mongolian BBQ (95th & Quivira) (3x burned grill scrapings in the plate)
  6. Boardroom BBQ (closed) (feathers on the BBQ chicken)
  7. Bob Evans (any) (2nd chance in progress)
  8. Cheesecake Factory (mediocre food, expensive) (2nd chance in progress)
  9. Chinese Buffet (any) (nasty, non-authentic slop)
  10. Cracker Barrel (any) (nasty, by design)
  11. Culver’s (at 135th & Antioch) (bad service, bad food)
  12. Davinci’s (smoke, mediocre food)
  13. Elephant Bar Restaurant (bad service, expensive)
  14. Fred P. Ott’s (like eating in an ashtray)
  15. Garozzo’s (flies on everything, expensive)
  16. Gates BBQ (2nd chance in progress)
  17. Hanna Bistro (expensive, bad atmosphere, mediocre food)(now closed)
  18. Haru’s (119th & Strang-Bob) (ROACHES on the table)(strike 3 — roaches 2 years later)
  19. Hayward’s (mean servers, mediocre food)
  20. Houlihan’s (95th & Quivira) (fried hair)
  21. IHop (Grandview) (bang, bang, pow, pow)(bad service)
  22. Jess & Jim’s (Martin City) (bad food, bad atmosphere, bad service)
  23. Joe’s Crab Shack (bad service, dirty tables with shoe marks on top, bad food)
  24. La Mesa (127th & Strang Line) (flies, stale fried ice-cream)
  25. LC’s BBQ (closed)(filthy)
  26. Lonestar (filthy)
  27. Mavi – Casual Italian (Belton)(filthy!, mediocre food)
  28. New York Bakery and Delicatessen (nasty, by design)
  29. Oden’s Family BBQ (Belton)(smoke)
  30. On The Border (bad food)
  31. Rainforest Café (95th & Quivira)(nasty and expensive microwaved food)
  32. RC’s (Martin City)(nasty, gravy-drowned food, filthy atmosphere)
  33. Red Lobster (Olathe)(bad service, mediocre, expensive food)
  34. Shirley’s Diner (Grandview)(smoke)
  35. The Jazz (39th & Bell)(bad atmosphere, bad food)
  36. Waffle House (Grandview)(filthy)
  37. Waffle House (Olathe)(filthy)
  38. Winstead’s (bad concept, bad food)
  39. Yia Yia’s (bad service, mediocre food, expensive)

3 Comments on “The List of Places (at which) Tom Will Not Eat!!!”

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  2. Tom, Tom, Tom, travel to east Asia sometime. Keep a very open mind when it comes to where you eat and what you eat. Your perspective on atmosphere and dinning more for the experience will change. I’ve had the pleasure of eating at some of the best restaurants around (thank you Sprint) and at some places many americans wouldn’t even go in, much less eat there.

    Hey, like your choices of guitars. do you teach people how to play? I’m one of those who “always wanted to do”, but never got a round tuit to get me started.

  3. Scott Luckey Says:

    What! no Applebee’s on your list? I’m proud to say that I’ve been Applebee free for almost 10 years!

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