The Guitar Page

I do play guitar and I’m trying to get better.
TH Ovation

I own (8 playable guitars)
  • a Fender (American) (1988)Stratocaster
  • Stats Fender Web Site Strat Database
  • a Fender FC-110 Classical
  • Stats Fender Web Site
  • an Ibanez Musician MC150. (polar white) (1982)
  • Stats Ibanez Web Site
  • an Alvarez RD20-12 (12-string acoustic). (Gloss)
  • Stats Alvarez Web Site
  • a Dean Stylist Deluxe (Gloss Natural)
  • Stats Dean Web Site
  • a Dean Performance CE Bass (Satin Natural)
  • Stats Dean Web Site
  • an Ovation Balladeer 1861 (Cherry Cherry Burst)
  • Stats Ovation Web Site
  • a Gibson Les Paul (1960 Classic reissue) (black) (1999)
  • Stats Les Paul Web Site

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