Time Warner Cable (Mystro)

Here is a PROBLEM that needs some exposure.

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16 Comments on “Time Warner Cable (Mystro)”

  1. Jon Koppenhoefer Says:

    I live in Springfield, Ohio with my mother. Her TimeWarner cable service, never that good, recently changed to Mystro without warning, and things have been worse then ever.

    We have had the usual problems associated with digital cablecasting ( pixellation, dropouts, freezing pictures) along with some new ones resulting from the software (cable box reboots itself without warning or apparent reason, unannounced and time-consuming ‘upgrades’, slow response to viewer commands, etc.). None of these problems are acknowledged by the so-called custemer service representatives, who told me that I hadn’t called to complain frequently enough to qualify for a service call.

    I believed that I had a bad cable box until I Googled ‘mystro’ and visited some websites focussed on the Time Warner response to TiVo.

    Now I despair of finding any solution to my problems that doesn’t involve quitting Time Warner Cable in favor of satellite TV.

    These people are going to kill the golden goose if they’re not careful. Greed is a poor but constant motivator in too many business decisions.

  2. I’m having similar issues here with Time Warner and Mystro in PA ever sicne they took over from Adelphia. Mystro starts “Initializing” every time we turn the TV on. It initializes and then turns itself off. Maybe we should do that permanently. Where, I ask, is pride in workmanship and service? Of course, that is a rhetorical question because big firms like Time Warner apparently don’t care about all the negative press out there being spewed by there own dissatisfied customers. They seem to be of the opinion that if Joe the Plumber cancels them there are plenty more suckers out there to replace him. Very sad!

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  4. Eric Says:

    I just now noticed my tv box going on and off a few time and saw the new dreaded software….”Mystro…”

    Not sure what the heck happened but I googled Mystro and Ive seen nothing but bad reports about it. I have the premium package where I pay 200 bucks a month..if its as half had as folks say it is..Im going to switching to the dish….

    • thines01 Says:

      Yeah, Eric. When you actually see the word Mystro, it means you’re getting an upgrade or getting punished for something you “did”. It usually means you get no TV for 10 minutes.

  5. BB Says:

    I say get a life. theres more to life than watching Tv..

    Type any peice of technology ie samsung tv problems, chevy corvette problems, dell laptop problems into google, and the same type of people are crying about the same glitches with everything…and guess what they eventally work themselves out….

    Everything is eventually fixed

    • RebelS Says:

      I think it is for Emergency Broadcasting – possibly for the entire country.

      If you PAUSE what ever your watching as a “once a month required test” is displayed on the top of your TV and makes that loud annoying alarming buzzing/beeping noise… The banner still scrolls across your television naming the county’s that are being tested for broadcast on televisions being viewed.

      With this said, Pausing your TV and the emergency once a month test continuously scrolling across the top of your TV – theres more to it than a crappy company. As I am from Florida reading these posts – apparently Mystro is in the entire country… Wiki the name and you only get the result of a Rapper I’ve never heard of.

      Whatever this company is for, I believe it is ran by the government, and once improved will be said to be used for our protection only. Alot of software included in these cable boxes, if it can reboot itself from a transmitter telling it to do so with such far range, who knows what else our TV’s will be telling us in the future.

  6. tim h Says:

    BB, you’re an idiot. It’s the responsibility of a company to provide working equipment. The Chevette wasn’t shipped out of the factory missing a gear shift and the back wheels, which is essentially what happened with the stupid Mystro software.

  7. Gerald Says:

    Gosh, I bent over to pick up the soap and……………….My television went off and the volume went way up, and next thing I knew I was being impregnated by an alien called “Mystro”. It appears that “big brother is watching me”……… for free. Unfortunately “Mystro” can’t be free, because nothing ever is. If the “true cost” is inconvenience and crummy service, perhaps everyone is getting their money’s worth. Try to remember that the word “free”, in no way imparts “value”. It only attracts beggars.

  8. kathleen Says:

    the new twc mystro really sucks!! cant read it as well as all the other irritating options. what was wrong with the old format?? im in upstate ny.

  9. Michael Says:

    Mystro sucks…..channels get locked out and require reboots, performance is a lot slower than the previous version.
    Easy features such as rewind and fast forward aren’t in your control because Mystro knows where you should stop, and rewinds to that spot and not where you’ve stopped.
    Pause, or slow are almost useless because the status box stays in the middle of the screen when it’s paused or in slow motion. So the baseball catch, or reading credits or whatever can’t be seen because of the status box.
    The look and feel is horrendous and not intuitive. I think changing to something like Direct TV is the only way I can get a normal DVR again.

  10. joe Says:

    mystro sucks, I have to reboot my cable box every morning….js

  11. Tiyon Says:

    Is there a way to change back to the last format? All Time Warner did was downgrade the cable so they can save money. The only thing new is that they made it so you can watch one movie from different rooms with cable boxes, and the find shows button(which only worked for the first week). Seriously, is there a way to have to old version back?

  12. Liz Wilson Says:

    And I thought it was just the local branch. Whatever Mystro is TWC should sent the software back and ask for a refund. In the middle of a broadcast program at 1:00 a.m. (I work evenings)this thing goes in a reset mode. Does anyone at TWC care about the leval of service?

  13. Derek Says:

    They still suck – nothing has changed in the UI or performance in the last year.

  14. jack Says:

    time warner in the Beaumont Texas area has the same problemst, but we see CISCO on the screen instead of MYSTO, but it operates like yours.you call or go the TWC office all you get are insults.

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