Where’s My Hovercraft?

George Jetson  Floppy DiskIn 1992, the wars started that caused Khan Noonien Singh to rise to power (Star Trek).

In 1997, the crew of of the spaceship Jupiter II, on their way to Alpha Centauri, got “LOST IN SPACE“.

In 1999, the inhabitants of Moonbase Alpha were sent hurtling through space based because the moon was knocked out of its orbit (Space: 1999).

…and what year was that Space Odyssey???

Don’t forget, 2010 is the year we make contact.

All of that is to draw attention to the fact that we’re not keeping up with our own imaginations.  If we were, I’d have a HOVER CRAFT by now and I would be wearing some type of a shiny-material jumpsuit with no need for money or pockets.

The microwave is no substitute for the food replicator.  The elevator is a lame version of a transporter.  Push To Talk, however, seems to be very close to the “communicator”, but will only work in certain areas (…and just on planet Earth).

Is it our own self-doubt that keeps us using fossil fuels and using media that spins!?!?!
Check out that 8″ floppy in George Jetson’s hand.  Are we going to continue to fall short of our imaginative potential in the future?

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