Today, I Feel Old

Charlton Heston

OK.  Today, I feel old.  Moses is dead.

Who hasn’t seen the Ten Commandments movie?

I’ve been watching this man all of my life and indeed just (bought and) watched the movie The Omega Man within the last couple of weeks.  I frequently watch selections from the Planet of the Apes series and have always respected Mr. Heston’s talent and even his political views.

Every time someone like this dies, I feel the RATCHET of life pushing me one step closer.  I hear the mechanism click, but never hear it unclick.



Now that it has been 40 years since the assassination of Martin Luther King (MLK) (and I’m not making light of this issue based on its location in this posting), I realize how fast that life ratchet moves and how many clicks go by that we don’t even notice. 

I remember we were in Atlanta during the funeral.  I remember my father going out to the celebration.

MLK was 39 when he gave the “I Have a Dream” speech.  I would have been NOWHERE NEAR READY for something like that when I was 39.

I’m now older than Hendrix (27), John Belushi (33), ODB (35),  Stevie Ray Vaughan (35), Anna Nicole (39), Malcom X (39), MLK (39), Edgar Allan Poe (40), Elvis (42), Reggie White (43), Steve Irwin (44)
 and Jesus (on Earth) (33).

May we all live to be as old as Moses.

Goodbye, Mr. Heston.

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