My New Favorite Thing

Ya know, every once in a while, something will come along that will totally capture my attention for a period of time causing me to FIXATE (on that particular thing).

That thing is now the Retro Encabulator.

This is my favorite of the versions of things in the Encabulator space, too.

YouTube is one of the greatest features of the Internet.
If you search on Encabulator, you’ll see a wealth of videos on the topic.  

VERY CLEVER!  So, you might ask, “What’s so intriguing about this?”

It’s PURE BS.  No slips.

Of course, there are a few key in-joke words like differential-girdle-spring and
drawn reciprocation dingle-arm that will produce a chuckle, but the rest of
it is so smooth, it’s worth respecting.

Here is the transript of the Retro Encabulator should you wish to memorize it.

 By the way, the actor is Mike Kraft (now the spokesperson for Lowe’s How To videos)

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One Comment on “My New Favorite Thing”

  1. Jeff Pittman Says:

    I used to work for Rockwell in the 80’s. This thing’s real.

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