Did You Vote?

I Voted

Well, did you?
Yeah, it’s just a primary, but this is the beginning of what will be THE LONGEST campaign season in history!
Now that the Super Bowl is over and the writer’s strike not quite over, there will be a WHOLE LOT of ear tugging by way of the “idiot box” (TV).

So, in a primary, do you vote so that your candidate is chosen or do you vote so that the same-party opponent is NOT chosen even if it means you have to vote for someone that’s not necessarily your favorite?

Does the endorsement of a candidate of one party by an endorser of the opposing party make that candidate less desirable to his own?

Can the nominee choose a running-mate that he has been trashing for six months or does he choose a surprise rock star running-mate to try to win?

How much of this will we endure before deciding to tune out?

PredictionsMy predictions are that DVD/Blu-Ray sales will be higher than ever as people tune-out from the political noise and that there is no better time than NOW for independent film makers to have their content shown in prime-time.  This has the potential of changing BIG TV the way captive packaging (which brought on MP3s, Napster and iTunes) changed the record industry.

 You say you want change?  Well, we’re going to get it… and in more ways than we expect.

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