What do YOU WANT?!

Presidential Candidates
(…picture from the Washington Post…)

Will one of these faces be that of our new president?

Does anyone seem to stand out as the solution to our “problems”?

By the way, what is the real “problem”?

Which one is the best:
1) Warrior?
2) Financial Expert?
3) Legal Expert?
4) Religious, Spiritual Expert?
5) Leader?
6) Choice?

If you had to go to war, which one would you want giving the orders?

If one of these showed up at your door and asked for 42%, which one would you feel best to collect the “donation”?

Are you better-off or worse-off than you were four or eight years ago?

Do you vote?  Will you vote next time? 

If Obama is elected, will it be the end of affirmative action?

If Clinton is elected, will it be the end of the feminist movement?

If neither Clinton nor Obama is nominated or elected, will they ever run again? Where is Ross Perot? Where is Al Gore? Where is Bob Dole?

What will YOU (personally) do differently if your candidate is chosen … or not?

What were you required to do differently during the last administration (because of that administration)?

Was the previous administration the cause of any of your problems?

How old will you be in eight years?

How do I personally feel?  Confused.  The color of the picture perfectly represents the best of how I feel about any of the current candidates.

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