My Brain Is Full

My Brain Is Full

OK, what’s the deal with the over 40 crowd REFUSING to learning anything new?
I have heard at least four times in the last month, “I can’t do that now because I didn’t learn it in the past”.

WELL,  f’$%^&*!n’ LEARN IT NOW!!!

Whether it’s a new language (spoken or electronic) or your kid’s math homework or that new task at your job that could make a world of difference if you knew it or just something that you should have ALWAYS known, just bite the bullet and LEARN it!

I try to learn something new and different every week and with my job, that’s no problem.
The more you learn, the more you CAN learn.

Do you type better now than you did ten years ago?
Are your text messaging skills better now than three years ago?

I listen to lots of Brian Tracy content and recently purchased the Accelerated Learning Techniques recording.
Fantastic stuff!  If you listen to that and are still not motivated to learn, then indeed your brain is truly full (of something).


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