Just Click The LINK!!!

WHY, oh WHY is it so hard for some people to view a web page or download a file or just CLICK the LINK?!?!?!

I have had many a conversation that ends with the question:
 Did you click the link?
 What happened when you clicked the link?
 …to which there is a response that sounds like crickets chirping in the silent night…
I sent someone an email that simply contained this:

 Have some cake:

She WALKED over to my desk and asked:
 “What cake?”
I asked:
 “Did you click the link?”

My problem (problem?) is that I’m sooooooooooooooooo comfortable with computers and actually could NOT do my job without one (programmer, ha ha) and I expect everyone around me to be comfortable also, but that’s NOT the case.

At the current rate, all of the system administrators and firewall rule creators and I.T. Nazis will have job security forever.

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