Dress Right — Dress

Business CasualI’m a 44 year old male (I’m not the one in the picture).

When I was a kid, you’d NEVER see anyone dressed “down” in big public places like church, airports, work, school or fine RESTAURANTS.

Now?  HA!

It’s not a surprise to see someone at any of the upscale restaurants in Overland Park (or Leawood) in blue-jean shorts or even sandals and baseball cap.

And another thing — even if you’re sporting a $1000 Bailey Cowboy Hat, take it off when you’re eating (or leave it in the truck)!

I’ve started dressing up more at work because I think we’ve taken a turn for the worse on dress-code.  I’d rather leave dressing down for special occasions as it used to be.  Now, any excuse will do to dress down and most of the time, it has become the norm.  We need to come up with reasons to dress UP.

When we were required to dress up, we were treated more like professionals.  Every year, we seem to be treated less like professionals and we, indeed, look the part.


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One Comment on “Dress Right — Dress”

  1. Jamie Says:

    I made a choice to start dressing better at work too. It makes me feel better and people notice more!

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