Instant Messenger is the Spawn of the Devil

Demon Spawn

Instant messengers are the spawn of the devil.

Sure the original intention (to foster communication between two or more computers) is noble, but the current use has gone
beyond that of noble or even socially functional.

Whenever I’m at work or at home and log in to IM, I get bombarded with chat requests.  This has become such a problem that I now rarely log in.  And when I do log in, I remain invisible until the exact second I want to have a conversation.

Today, I got a text message on my phone asking me why I wasn’t on either of the two (expected) IMs.
…then someone caught me in the hall saying he was having trouble getting me on IM.


Most IMs don’t alert others when you’re in a conversation, so they barge in without knowing, “u/t?” (you there?).

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