Andy’s Wok (Strike 3!)

That Wasn’t Chicken

 [Read about Strike 2 here]

 OK.  I’ve had it.  The last trip to Andy’s Wok was supposed to be just a neutral quick lunch, but turned out to be a service nightmare.  First, the server seemed to be in an awful hurry even though the restaurant was at about 1/10th capacity.

I ordered the same chicken dish I’ve recently LEARNED to order (Yu Shiang Chicken) and the Crab Rangoon (not real Chinese food) appetizer.  I asked for the chicken dish to be extra spicy.  The waiter confirmed with me twice that I REALLY wanted it to be spicy.

When the food arrived, it was mildly spicy.  It tasted OK, but the chicken was a little stringy.  The sauce looked like something from Chun King (not real Chinese food).

ANYWAY, I had ordered water to drink and (while still waiting on the Crab Rangoon (not real Chinese food) to appear) had drained my glass.  A different server (female) came by and filled another (Jack’s glass) at the table, but not mine.  She then put the pitcher of water down on another table and walked toward the front to welcome new customers.  Now a third server comes by, grabs the pitcher and heads in a different direction.  He returns with the (now empty) pitcher and sets it back on the table.  At this point, I hold up my empty glass with my elbow resting on the table and glass leaning toward the walkway.  Our server comes by and sees the empty glass/empty pitcher scenario taking place.  He grabs the pitcher and heads toward the back.  He returns and FILLS A DIFFERENT (Jack’s) GLASS AT THE TABLE FIRST THEN mine.

By this time, I’ve finished my food and the server goes to the front and returns with our checks.  AHA! STILL NO CRAB RANGOON (not real Chinese food) as he notices the item on the ticket.  Before he could mutter a phrase, I said, “just take it off the bill”.  He looked surprised and asked, “you don’t want it, now?” … like I had RECENTLY made the decision not to eat what I had ordered.  

“No, I don’t want it now”

“I’ll take it off the ticket”


No apology, no discount, no free Crab Rangoon (not real Chinese food) next time…

                                        Well, then...

As we left, I took a good look around so I could remember the place.

Andy’s Wok is now ON THE LIST!

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2 Comments on “Andy’s Wok (Strike 3!)”

  1. Hilah Says:

    Tom, Larry, and I went to Andy’s Wok and we all had a great experience. We didn’t have the elderly, deaf waiter that Tom was complaining about. We had the tall, middle-aged waiter–he’s the only tall one there. He’s awesome. Service was great, food was great. He refilled Tom’s water glass at least 4 times without being asked. Tom should print a retraction except he’s allergic to them.

  2. thines01 Says:

    It was far from a GREAT experience. The service was adequate, but the food was NOT. I tried something different from what I had last time. That sticky, sweet sauce made the food inedible. Did you not notice how much I left on the plate?

    RETRACTION?!?! How does adequate service and nasty food equate to a RETRACTION?!?!

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